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We operate high powered Ribs at sea. Ribs are strongly influenced by the prevailing seas conditions which are mostly dictated by wind strength and direction of tide.

We drive Ribs as safely as we can but please be aware that you may be subjected to significant shock loads. It is important that you have no knee, neck, hip, back, muscular skeletal problem or health condition that might be affected by shocks. Ribs are not suitable for those of significant stature who are not also extremely fit.

We only operate Ribs with ‘jockey’ or ‘stand astride’ seating as opposed to bench seats, in order that you are able to stand and absorb shock loads much as you might do if riding a horse. We recommend standing as instructed at the safety briefing, in all but the calmest water.

You will be issued with a life jacket and its correct use and fitting will be demonstrated at the safety briefing. The life jacket must be worn when on the boat and whilst boarding and disembarking.

There are no upper or lower age limits. Lifejackets are available for all age groups. If we have young or elderly passengers, we adjust the style of our driving to cause least concern to these groups.

We suggest that Ribs are not suitable to those who are pregnant. Please do talk to us though; often pregnant passengers will travel to the Island by ferry and then join their group on the Rib for a harbour or river tour at slow speed.

Fast open speed boats are not suitable for those who have consumed alcohol or other drugs that might impair judgement, coordination or balance.

We are members of the Professional Charterers Association and we have adopted in full their Code of Practice which governs all aspects of the safety management system for our charters.

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