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Commercial Rib Charter


Commercial Rib Charter

Recognising the growing market for the use of Ribs in commercial marine work, our parent company has developed a separate specialist operating division to address the market. Please follow this link for Commercial Rib Charter (CRC).

CRC owns a fleet of Ribs from small work boats suitable for site safety boat work up to 15m wheel house Ribs equipped with air suspension seats for 12, coded to operate up to 120 nautical miles from a safe haven day or night.

CRC also have a 12m Delta cabin Rib with a three diver surface supply spread which is IMCA compliant and fully certified. Several boats on fleet have Hamilton jet drives allowing safe work in shallow waters and minimising any risk of entanglement.

Ribs have long been recognised for their suitability to the commercial marine environment. Over the years, Rib-It has used its fleet of open Ribs to provide support to a wide range of inland and inshore commercial operations.

Past jobs have included film and media, provision of safety boats, patrolling and even supporting bomb clearance activity around the site of the Olympic stadium during construction.

Ribs are ideal for film and media work. Our boats are fast, sea worthy, stable and remarkably dry. Whilst much of our media work revolves around the sailing industry, we have also worked on several TV programmes and news reports.

One of the most important aspects of managing our commercial division has been mastering the systems required to work as a registered supplier to major offshore firms. We have comprehensive certification across our boats, are ISO 9001 registered, operate Planned Maintenance Systems and all of our vessels are coded by the Maritime Coastguard Agency to the highest permissible level.

We cement our position as market leader by providing the best crew. Our staff are qualified to the required standard for each project but as importantly, they have the right attitude; nothing is too much trouble.

Commercial Rib charter - filming
Commercial Rib charter